Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stocks: Adjustable Stocks

In the last few posts of this series, we've been talking about how stocks are made. Now we will talk about a class of stocks that are optimized for target shooters.

The above two stocks are made by a German company called J.G. Anschutz, which is well known for making stocks for world-class shooting competitions. The first stock is made of mostly walnut wood and the second one is a laminated wooden stock. Notice though that there are a few metal parts here. For one, the butt pad and comb are adjustable, so the user can adjust where their forearm is placed and where their cheek sits to peer through the sights. There is also a large U-shaped hole behind the grip for the user to place their thumb through. Actually, this particular shape of stock is so associated with the J.G. Anschutz company, that they're sold by other companies as "Anschutz-style" stocks.

The above stock is a McMillan A5. As above, the butt plate and comb are adjustable. The McMillan company is well known for its fiberglass stocks and its precision rifles. Canadian snipers used McMillan Bolt Action Tac-50 rifles to make some of the longest kills in sniper history in Afghanistan.

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