Saturday, August 8, 2015

How do Firing Mechanisms Work - IV

In our last post, we saw a video that showed the basics of a bolt-action firearm, A bolt action is in the class of manually operated firearm actions. In today's post, we will study a few different classes of firearm actions, which we have already studied the basics of many months ago.

  1. Manual bolt action.
  2. Gas operated action.
  3. Blowback action.
  4. Recoil action.
In the above links, we studied these actions using some illustrations and also studied some specific variations of these actions (e.g.) short recoil action, long recoil action, direct gas impingment, short stroke gas operation etc. We also studied examples of weapons that used these different actions.

Thanks to the efforts of the US Army, we actually have a movie that illustrates the basics of all of these actions.

The video clearly illustrates how the various actions work, far better than static images do. Happy viewing!

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