Monday, March 24, 2014

Videos: Button Rifling

In our last post, we looked at a video showing broach rifling in action, a subject we had studied many months ago. In today's post, we will revisit the process of button rifling. We had studied this process many months ago, here on this forum. In order to refresh your memory, here's a link to that original post describing the process of button rifling.

Now that you've read about the process, let's look at a movie displaying the process in action:

The movie above shows the process of button rifling a barrel, using a button that is pulled through the barrel. Notice how the chuck on the left rotates the barrel, as the button is being pushed through.

In the original article about button rifling that we linked above, we mentioned that there are two different ways for the button to be used. The button can be either pulled through the barrel (like the video above shows), or it can be pushed through the barrel, as the following video shows:

Note that in the second video, the barrel is not rotated as the button is pushed through. Instead, the button rotates as it is being pushed through the barrel.

Happy viewing!

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