Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Videos: Hammer Forged Rifling

In our last post, we looked at a couple of videos showing how button rifling works. This is a technique we had studied many months ago. In today's post, we will revisit another technique that we had studied back in May 2010, hammer forged rifling. To refresh your memory, here's a link to the original post, describing the process of hammer forged rifling.

Now that you've read that post, let us watch a couple of videos showing the process in action. First up, we have a short video from Daniel Defense, a well known manufacturer of firearms and firearm parts here in America. While many American manufacturers prefer to use button rifling to make their barrels, Daniel Defense uses hammer forging machines.

As we mentioned in the original post, hammer forged rifling is much more prevalent in Europe than America. Here's a couple more videos of the process, from European manufacturers. The next video is from Armalon UK:

And finally, we have another video about the process, as done by the Steyr Mannlicher factory in the town of Steyr, Austria. Incidentally, the leading manufacturer of hammer forging machines in the world is an Austrian company called GFM GmbH, which is also located in the town of Steyr! It is interesting to note that Steyr Mannlicher actually uses a slightly different process to make their barrels, than most other manufacturers of hammer forged barrels. The following video describes their process and also how they do some things differently than other companies.

Happy viewing!

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