Thursday, December 4, 2014

Questionable Tactics

After that long series about different metals used in firearms manufacturing, might as well take a break from a dry topic and watch something else instead.

Initially, your humble editor thought that someone was parodying the infamous Rex Kwon Do scene from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. (In case you haven't seen the movie, here's clip 1 and clip 2). Unfortunately, what you're about to see is not a joke, there is actually someone trying to train people to use tactics like this. This group is called the "Sulsa Do Corps" (no joke, that's what they call themselves). See for yourself:

This video was originally posted at a youtube channel called God Rock Ministries / Expert Karate, which appears to be some sort of combination of church and karate school (dojo). This school appears to be run by a Mr. David Bateman. They removed the original video from the channel, when word about its unintentional comedy started to spread. Unfortunately for them, the video was saved by someone else and here it is :).

It is a darn good thing they are using pellet guns with no ammunition, instead of real pistols. Questionable tactics? Where do we start. First, we have quite a few instances of them sweeping each other with the muzzles of their pistols (big safety no-no). Then, we have fingers placed on the trigger at all times (bad idea). Next we have a couple of cases of shooting at the ceiling and open door, while moving and rolling around (another safety no-no). What's with the backwards dive to the ground anyway and since when is running backwards without looking at where you're going ever a good idea. Then, we have firing the pistols close to own face/someone else's face (if those were real pistols, guess whose eardrums are getting blasted to hell, not to mention hot cartridge brass getting ejected on someone else). We also have thumbs placed behind the slide in some instances (if that was a real pistol, someone is going to have a broken thumb when the slide moves backwards at high speed after the cartridge is fired). Then, they run in front of each other, with the ones in the back shooting (good chance of getting shot in the back if they were using real pistols). Then, there's the firing between the legs position (guess whose kneecap is going to receive some hot cartridge brass if those were real pistols). Firearm sights are there for a reason, but they don't seem to know how to use them. We even have a few instances of triggers pulled when one of the others was in the line of fire. The funniest part in your humble editor's opinion is around 0:13 of the video, when the gentleman starts his solo run backwards, holds his pistol practically next to his cheek, then shoots one through the open door, then falls over backwards and bangs his head against the wall! There's probably a few more bad things I missed because I was laughing too hard.

The scary part is that they appear to be dead serious and actually imagine that this is good training. If those were real pistols, someone is definitely going to get hurt or worse. In case you're wondering, this David Bateman has a few more videos about his martial arts training academy, including this gem:

Yep, seems he's the second coming of Rex Kwon Do himself.


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